Property Management Services by Lacasa International

Lacasa International is your partner for navigating the complexities of real estate buying, selling, and leasing. With an experienced consultant team, we aim to provide top-notch service. Our online consultancy service has led the way in online real estate transactions in Turkey, assisting many clients in choosing the right project.

The Significance of Property Management:

Property management is essential when owning property abroad. Many investors are uncertain about entering the Turkish real estate market, opting for specialized real estate investment management companies. This approach offers distinct advantages over individual efforts, including access to markets, expert guidance, and joint investment options, ultimately ensuring a high return on investment.

Effective Oversight and Maintenance:

Property management involves the daily supervision of residential, commercial, or industrial real estate by an expert property manager, who handles maintenance, security, repairs, and more, ensuring property value and generating income for owners. Property managers serve a diverse range of property owners, including landlords, absentee landlords, and participants in affordable housing initiatives. They reduce owners' workloads by handling various tasks, overseeing everything from background checks on new tenants to property maintenance and rent collection. Property owners can choose the level of involvement they desire, relying on property managers for a stress-free experience.

Comprehensive Management Solutions:

Lacasa International's after-sales property management service ensures your real estate investments remain lucrative. Our property managers, specialized in property management, oversee all leasing operations, preserving the value of your investment. Additionally, our investment management services include reselling or renting your properties, providing lucrative proposals for high returns on investment, and ensuring a smooth rental process. Trust us to find suitable renters, manage related matters, and keep you well-informed. We also offer various possibilities, including the hotel apartments concept, prevalent in new developments, particularly in Istanbul. We continuously explore opportunities to serve our clients better, ensuring your real estate investment is as rewarding as possible.